I don't know what I like...

I don't know what I like...

As tempting as it is to grab a few city landscapes or a quintessential print of flowers from IKEA, it is worth taking some time to figure out what you do and don’t like when it comes to art.

Admittedly comparable to speed dating, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when browsing today's art scene in search of your next piece;                                              

1. Take in as much art as you can - online, in galleries, art museums & fairs - expose yourself and see what sticks.  Make connections about what you like about a piece - even if it’s out of your budget, you can discover work by emerging artists whose work makes you feel the same way. 

No excuses!

Before 1999, London had just one regular contemporary art fair.  Now there are around 20.   Here are our top 4: 

  • London Art Fair
    • Next on: 18th - 22nd January, 2017.
    • UK's premier Modern British and Contemporary art fair.
  • Frieze London
    • Next on: 6th - 9th October, 2016.
    • Showing a 1000 of today's leading international artists.
  • The Affordable Art Fair
    • Takes places twice a year on two different sites: Battersea & Hamstead.  Battersea (20th-23rd Oct) & Hamstead (16th - 19th June).
    • Mix of media for everyone's tastes - including photography, sculpture, paintings and original prints.
    • Good place for those starting their art collection as pieces range from £100  - £5,000.
  • Art16
    • This happened this year in May, dates for 2017 are TBC.
    • Includes an engaging programme of free talks, expert led tours and performances. 
Frieze Art Fair   Invitation only preview - Wed, Oct 5.    Open days - Thursday Oct 6 - Sunday Oct 9.  Tickets released in July 2016.

Frieze Art Fair

Invitation only preview - Wed, Oct 5.  

Open days - Thursday Oct 6 - Sunday Oct 9.  Tickets released in July 2016.

2. Ask yourself the question, “How much do you I know about this artist?"  Read up on the artist’s purpose, practice and beliefs to enhance your connection with their work. Embrace the story behind the piece - it’s one of the most unique and wonderful things about collecting unique fine art. 

Most artists have their own social media pages and websites.  Why not get in touch - go to their studio?


3. Have a budget range in mind.

Make it easy for yourself and decide on a budget beforehand as it can be the most stressful part of the process.  Remember art can be an investment.


4. Follow your instinct and have no fear...

A ‘no fear’ attitude doesn’t mean taking hasty decisions, but means having confidence in your personal taste.   Let your gut be your guide - it’s okay to like something just because you are attracted to it, or it reminds you of a good memory.

The most important lesson to learn is to trust yourself and your taste.  Finding out what you don’t like is just as important!

 Once you’ve immersed yourself in the experience a few times and brought your first few pieces, collecting art can be the beginning of a life- long passion, enriching your mind and soul.